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Planning somthing, big or small?
Whether it's a big event, a weekend away, or just a night out, let us help you find the venue that's perfect for you and your special occaision!

Make Your History in Marietta!

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Explore Marietta and See What Makes Our Town Special


​While you're in Marietta for a bite and a drink, why not stop by one of these other local establishments for a different taste of our river town.
The Railroad House Inn is McCleary's sister restaurant and features upscale American fusion cuisine

The Railroad

House Inn

Upscale American Fusion,
& Craft Beer

Pig Iron Brewing Company

Pig Iron Brewing Company is a Marietta mircobrew that specializes in barbecue
Brew Pub, Barbecue, & Outdoor Bar

Perry Street Cellar

The Perry Street Cellars are located below the Railroad House Inn and features more craft beer and live music
Craft Beer, Light Fare,
& Local Music

Nick's Bistro

Nick's Bistro is a sports bar with casual dining and craft beer
Sports Bar, Casual Dining, & Craft Beer

Shank's Tavern

Shank's Tavern is a historic Marietta bar and features rotating taps and daily food specials
Historic Bar, Rotating Taps, & Daily Food Specials

Stanley's Trail Side Cafe

Stanley's Trail Side Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with hearty home cooking
Open for Breakfast, Rustic Atmosphere, & Home Cooking


​Come for the food and stay for the night! Marietta has many great bed and breakfasts to help make your day trip into a weekend excursion.
The Railroad House Inn has bed & breakfast rooms for rent 2 blocks from McCleary's on West Front Street

The Railroad

House Inn

B.F. Hiestand House is a bed & breakfast on East Market Street in Marietta

B.F. Hiestand House

Ascot House

Ascot House is a bed & breakfast on West Market Street in Marietta
Susquehanna Manor Inn is a bed & breakfast just outside of Marietta borough

Susquehanna Manor Inn

Airy View

Airy View is a bed & breakfast on Chickies Ridge in Columbia

Lavender Patch

Lavender Patch is a bed & breakfast on North Gay Street and Longencker Avenue in Marietta
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